falling might help, it’s a direction too afterall



So this is probably my favourite track right now for bombing to work in the morning on my bike:

(highly recommend having headphones / speakers with good bass and turning this one up a bit to get the proper effect)

chase and status – pieces (feat. plan b)

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It’s probably a bit crazy, but I totally dig listening to something like this and kind of channeling that feeling this song brings up in you to induce a rush of adrenaline and rip the shit out of whatever I’m doing, riding my bike or going for a run or whatever. Kind of drawing up the feeling from the tiny bits of yourself and your life that are aligned with the song and using them, suspending the rest of how you feel for a minute and just letting those parts, with a liberal application of imagination, take over. There’s certainly no way I only “remember when I used to feel something,” but it’s an interesting idea/feeling…. Plus it kind of works when your legs are burning as you attack your nemesis-hill on your cycling route, and you can give it a big ‘Fuck off you can’t do shit to me anymore, I’m going to crest you in record time.’  K so I think the trolley trip into the land of make-believe is over, I’m…uhh.. gonna go now. hahaha

Here’s some of the sickest most inspiring shit I’ve heard recently… stumbled upon the fact that the Kid Koala show on this coming Wednesday is not just him (which would be good anyways, but maybe not good enough to get me out on a Wednesday), but his new project The Slew… check this shit out, it blew me away:

Not only does that kick ass, they are distributing their album for FREE so you can hear it before you go to the show. Here’s a link to the blog post that has the link for the full album:


This is pretty much the perfect combination of that rock vibe with turntable-ism and beats…  Kid Koala + Dyanmite D on 6 turntables w/ Chris Ross and Myles Heskett of Palace of Fire (and previously of Wolfmother) on bass, drums and keyboards…. sounds fucking brilliant, bet it’s going to kick ass live.

tickets (show moved from commodore to the red room.. not sure how I feel about that… commodore has amazing sound, but red room might be more intimate)

(Oh yeah I got tired of not ever getting the time to fix  the last theme I had for the blog so I just switched it to this super simple one…  I’m a huge purist when it comes to website designs, really the less pictures used the happier I am… all type == clean & awesome to me.. so this might not be the final design but it’s a better interim design than the last one. So little time… looking forward to having more time in the Fall… ) :)


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  1. 21/09/2009Rosella say:

    I like it too! I must be a weird parent…
    I do care about you, or I would not have made you wear a helmet while riding your bike, but now…As you MOTHER I have to insist you pay ATTENTION while riding your bike OR WHATEVER IN THE TRAFFIC (you are your Dad’s Son, and he almost got run over on Douglas St when he saw me on the other sided and forgot to look both ways before crossing!) …after all you don’t want to BREAK MY HEART! :) LOVE YOU

  2. 7/10/2009Lola say:

    i like that you give your nemesis-hill a personality, and then proceed to trounce it. it adds a nice element of interaction to a bike ride (or run).


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